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Welcome to Eveloper

Eveloper is a technology development company that works extensively in the areas of Data Management, Data Processing, Database Design, Web Solutions and Programming and Hardware in the areas of High Performance Distributive Systems.

Eveloper offers embedded systems design, network design, data processing, hosting, web development, program maintenance, database integration, e-commerce development, internet programming in both Windows and UNIX environments.

We have helped clients from small businesses to large corporations and government entities. Our programmers do continuing work in Database Design and Data Management for major clients in the fields of shipping and transport. These are large contracts and require expertise in SQL and other supporting languages in order to give the customer the quality product that they demand.

Located in Southern California, we provide internet services and solutions via the web and by phone to businesses and organizations all over the country. More businesses and organizations are conducting business online without ever speaking directly to each other. So Location is no longer an issue. Whether you are in an a small town or a major metropolitan area we can help!

Systems Data Processing

Eveloper has relevant experience in the fields of Monitoring Systems, Remote Sensing and the control of Environmental Equipment. Eveloper developed a variety of applications and methodologies to meet the specifications of our clients.

veloper has developed a new and comprehensive system geared to gather, transmit, preserve and managed monitoring data. This system is designed to overcome all of the weaknesses associated with this kind of application. Our monitor/control system is "smart" with a powerful TI processor at its core. The Gateway is designed for unattended operation for indefinite periods of time. The Network Connection Module uses proven technologies to to move data, in two directions, in an economical fashion and independent of any network access at a given site.

Data Processing

Eveloper designs, builds and maintains several custom data base systems from accounting to inventory and asset tracking. Web based solutions and Windows GUI programming.

Custom Web Design

Make information about your company available. Display products or services online for your customers or potential customers with a custom designed website. Your ideas and our resources we can make things happen. Contact us today! Together we can design a comprehensive solution for your business.


Start your online business today! Let us design an e-commerce solution to incorporate your company's products or services into a complete web store.

Contact us today for a quote.

Data Integration

Do you have information that you would like to make available on the internet? We have designed various solutions to allow our clients the ability to give their customers the data they need.

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